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Roofing Products

Why We Are The Best

Products – We use the top of the line products in the industry with the best warranties the market has to offer. 


Roofing division

  • A division of Jones-Blair company with a full turn-key operation for your property protection that includes the best performing commercial roof coatings, floor coatings, and wall coatings. Jones-Blair has been producing high performance coating systems for over 80 years with world class laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the United States.
  • Proven performance over multiple roofing systems, energy star rated, UL Class “A” Fire Rated, LEED Credits Green rewards, and a long list of credentials.
  • 96% reflectivity rating (one of the highest in the industry), and one of the only coating lines with a “Hail Resistant” roof coating system!
  • Example: 93,000 sq.ft. warehouse in Gainesville, TX decreased the internal temperature by 8 degrees in mid summer.



Thermo Materials is our top of the line sealant company that carries a full line of sealant options.

  • WET SEAL is used in areas where ponding water is an issue and can actually be applied under water.
  • THERMO TAPE is applied around seams and bonds to all surfaces.
  • FABRICATED MASTIC is also applied across all seams for double protection and areas where leaks may occur. SEBS Caulking is applied on and around screws.
  • The material cures very hard but also has flexibility when applying to metal roofs


Flooring division
Parking Decks

  • Balconies and Stadiums • Interior Floors • Walls • Airplane Hangers
  • SKYGARD for heavy duty and heavy loads
  • “SkyDrol resistant”
  • Complies to all VOC regulations
  • Variety of colors, textures and thicknesses
  • Systems can vary in thickness from 16 mils to 250 mils
  • Can be combined with our waterproof membrane to provide seamless watertight surfaces
  • UV stable, high color retention, and high reflectivity
  • Excellent chemical resistance to jet fuel, acids, oils, and solvents




  • Protect your investment with an Energy Smart Roof produced by a global company that has proven experience for thermoplastic roofing membranes and waterproofing systems for over 50 years!
  • Quality that meets or exceeds ASTM standards with watertight, hot-air welded seams.
  • Fire Resistant with the ability to self-extinguish and resist the spread of flames.
  • Example: 100,000 sq.ft. retail store in Austin reduced peak summertime air conditioning demand by 14%.


Master Pack


Common energy saving insulation applications for Master Pack's products are construction insulation and spray foam insulation.
Spray Foam Roofing Application is a Combination of Sprayed Liquid, Component “A” Catalysis and Component “B” Resin, resulting in a seamless Spray Foam Insulation covering. A protective Elastomer/Acrylic is then applied (rolled or sprayed) to the finished Spray Foam Insulation product to prevent U.V. degradation.

Advantages of Spray Foam Insulation ROOFING & WATERPROOFING Application:

  • Seamless Product: The liquid Spray Foam Insulation provides a monolithic membrane that covers the entire roof. The application of Spray Foam Insulation prevents moisture from permeating through joints, holes and damaged areas of the roof.
  • Flexible: Foam Shapes around all irregular patterns of the damaged roof. NO “BREAKS” in roofing membrane.
  • Lightweight: Foam weighs about 50 lbs per 100 square feet.
  • Thermal Insulation: Typical R-Value is from 6.5 to R-7.
  • Durability: Foam roofs require minimum maintenance and has an idenfinite life span.
  • Prevents Air & Moisture infiltration.
  • No “DOWN TIME” To install Spray Foam Roofing Insulation : Many occasions one does not need to remove existing roof. Simply clean existing roof of debris and then apply the foam. Foam firmly adheres to most substrates. Foam can be applied with minimal inpact on facility operation.
  • Waterproofing: Water cannot move through the roof laterally. Low permenace – less than 1%.
  • Long Term Warranty: 10 – 20 years certification
  • The bright white surface coating meets or exceeds Title 24 “Cool Roof” requirements. This reduces energy costs and "heat island" air pollution.


If you are looking to completely seal your roof while becoming more energy efficient, contact us today for a free inspection and you could possibly get a new roofing system without spending any money out of pocket!

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